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Increase revenues, decrease expenses and improve efficiency creating more value


Deal proactively with financial issues by making informed decisions based on sound data


Free up time to focus on critical aspects of running their business


The CFS Group brings together successful business professionals that have had first-hand experience building, financing, managing, and buying and selling growth-oriented companies. By integrating a diverse variety of expertise and disciplines, we provide custom solutions to accelerate business growth.

We combine our proven experience with original thinking and an understanding of your unique situation to provide advice that creates results. We are not limited to typical project-based consulting assignments or success-fee based brokerage arrangements. Instead, we take an active role in working directly with you and your leadership team, often as adjunct executive resources. We advise from your side of the table, and are compensated based on results that we achieve – together. In our view, it isn’t really “partnering” unless we are accountable with you for the desired results.

These days, most companies know essentially what strategy to pursue. The primary failure points are strategic clarity and execution. Our team will work with you to review your existing strategies, issues, and operating results. We will then customize a streamlined strategic planning process for you and your leadership team, with selected inputs from other key internal resources or partners. We will help you draft the strategy summary and communications plan to engage your key resources and team members to fully understand and implement the plan. These services often include proven techniques such as strategy mapping, the balanced scorecard, incentive compensation plans and ongoing strategic communications and project implementation processes to ensure you accomplish what you set out to achieve.

The CFS Group is comprised of experienced professionals, skilled in the areas of finance, accounting, marketing, interim management, operations, strategic planning, M&A and business valuations. Our professionals have experiences in financial services, technology, telecommunications, healthcare, trading, manufacturing, and business services.

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